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About Aaghaz Ray of Hope NGO

AAGHAZ RAY OF HOPE NGO is working for the last six years in Aligarh. This National NGO was registered on the 28th of December 2018, under the Trust Registration Act 1882, and its Registration Number is 2615. It is also registered under NITI aayog Govt. of India: UP/2019/0236817 and our ngo is also registered under 12A & 80G, their registration number is AAHTA06856JE2021501, AAHTA06856JF20221 respectively. Our NGO is also registered under CSR by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India, its registration number is CSR00022062. Our work area is mainly focused on women and children’s welfare such as providing informal education to the children so that they can get enrolled in renowned institutions. Various short-term Skill Development Programmes such as Self Employed Tailor, Beauty Therapist, Hair Stylist, etc. are arranged for needy women and adolescent girls which can give them the means to earn a better livelihood. Our NGO also provides financial aid to deprived families for the marriage of their daughters. Apart from this, our Organization works in Health and Education Sector for orphans, the homeless, and abused children of the society. Furthermore, we organize various Eco-friendly activities, awareness programs, health camps, etc. Our establishment is continuously striving to eradicate all issues and difficulties faced by vulnerable and helpless women and children so that they can live better and meaningful lives. To make such women and children self-dependent we are giving them free technical know-how, business orientations, paramedical education, professional training, etc. Society is very particular about utilizing the available resources in such a manner that people who deserve it the most benefit. We closely monitor the recipient and toil to see her self-sufficient before moving on. In addition to the above, our NGO regularly holds general health awareness programs like anemia, breast, and lung cancer awareness, menstrual hygiene campaigns, and anti-smoking along with plantation drives to promote greenery to save our planet. A holistic approach, focusing on every minor detail is the pursuit and desire of our NGO. We strongly believe that WE WILL bring a positive change in the individual and the society for a better tomorrow. We believe that our humble endeavor supported by you all will help make this world a better place for all to live in.

Our Vision

AAGHAZ RAY OF HOPE NGO’s work aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social isolation and to restore hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities in order to live and develop with dignity and to become an active and contributing member of our society. AAGHAZ RAY OF HOPE NGO strives for a society in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development, and participation

Our Mission

The mission of AAGHAZ RAY OF HOPE NGO is to build and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations through an approach where people are placed at the center of all development initiatives. Partnership & Collective learning for empowering minds for change & action is considered the core values of AAGHAZ RAY OF HOPE NGO. The Organisation for Social Change and Inclusion works for the social development and integration of underprivileged individuals, groups, and communities in India.

Our Objectives

•To work for the social development of underprivileged individuals, groups, and communities in India.
•To improve the employability of the working population including school drop-outs, and semi-skilled and unskilled workers.
•To encourage healthcare development and health promotion.
•To assist in the process of social integration and personal realization of underprivileged children, young people, adults, and families.

•To endorse human rights and in particular the rights of women, children, and young people as well as the rights of underprivileged groups and communities.

•To encourage and promote voluntary work.

•delivery of basic services in underprivileged areas, we aim to help the most vulnerable members of our society and include work on different levels such as:
1) Analysis and assessment of needs.
2) Developing programs and strategies for development.
3) Empowering and developing local communities.
4)Care policies development and more

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